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Cashmere Distribution
Ropa al por mayor de Cachemira


Cashmere Distribution

Fiorentino Cashmere distributes its products worldwide. We can deliver our models or create new ones based on your requests. All of our products are Made in Italy with 100% Eco-cashmere.

Cashmere Recycle

Cashmere Recycle Program

We are all responsible for the future of this planet. Fiorentino Cashmere is proud to recycle and regenerate clothes made with high percentages of cashmere.


Please contact us to purchase or sell your cashmere by Kg.

Cashmere Recycling
100% Cashmere
100% Cashmere Clothing

100% Cashmere Yarns

Fiorentino Cashmere's Yarns are made of 100% Eco-cashmere. We do not use any other fabric that we may encounter in the recycling process.

Our technology recognizes and separates non-cashmere materials from the final product.

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