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The clothing industry is one of the leading contributors of carbon emissions in the world. What we gain recycling and regenerating cashmere is a more sustainable world. In fact, our recycling process brings a big reduction in the amounts of waste, which leads to a decrease in water pollution and carbon emissions.

Cashmere Recycle


Fiorentino Cashmere is committed to a more sustainable world.

Our products are made in Italy with regenerated cashmere.

Thanks to our technology,  we are able to recycle every piece of the fabric and replace it with the best existing cashmere quality available. 

Global Recycle Standard

Global Recycle Standard Cashmere

All of our products are made by GRS certified Cashmere. 


Made in Italy

Our cashmere clothing line is produced in Italy with pure recycled cashmere. All of our items come with the "Made in Italy" label.

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